Aerogarden «Wealth of Health»

Aerogarden «Wealth of Health»

Aerogarden “wealth of health” is a healthy and delicious food for your pets! With it, you can:

  • Grow delicious green grass for cats, etc .;
  • Get sprouted seeds for birds;

Fresh green grass is a useful additive in the diet of cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, dwarf rabbits, rats, decorative mice. It contains fiber, proteins, valuable vitamins, enzymes, microelements, which our animals need all year round, especially in the autumn-winter period.

With the help of the sprouters  "wealth of health”, it has become possible to grow green food without using land, fertilizers and regular irrigation. Now you get ecologically clean greens without dirt and daily routine.

Growing green grass for pets on the germinator  “wealth of health" (Aerogarden, wealth of health X2, wealth of health X4) is very easy. Watch the video:

It is enough to put the seeds of cereals, pour water and turn it on. And in 7-10 days you will pamper your pet with useful treats! You can provide a choice to your pet: eat freshly cut grass in a bowl or directly from the set!

Sprouted grains and seeds are a unique source of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals for both you and your pets. But in an ordinary store they can not be bought. And to germinatethem on one’s own is very troublesome.

But with the help of the device "wealth of health" you easily get germinated seeds in just a few hours!

You can get grains of high quality without the necessary routine: regular  washing and constant monitoring of the moisture level of the seedlings.

You just need to put seeds in the sprouter, pour water and in  8-12 hours healthy and useful food for your pet is ready!

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