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Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health»  X1
Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X1

Automated sprouter (Aerogarden) “Wealth of Health” X1 is a real find for lovers of gardening with a wide range of functions. Using it you can:

  • Grow microgreens without soil and fertilizers;
  • Carry out  effective pre-sowing preparation; 
  • Grow green onions directly to the table.

Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X2
Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X2

Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X2 is a golden middle between a single-modular sprouter «Wealth of Health» X1 and a four-modular one X4. It contains all the advantages of these sprouters but at the same time:

  • Allows to germinate twice as many grains and seeds than the usual single-modular sprouter «Wealth of Health» X1;
  • Does not require as much space as a four-modular sprouter «Wealth of Health» X4 and easily fits  the windowsill;
  • 2 modules require only 1 electrical socket.

Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X4
Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X4
A special version of our sprouter is the 4x modular automated sprouter "Wealth of Health" X4.
Sprouting has become even more effective!
Now you can sprout 4 times more, saving your time and money!

  • Any number of modules (1-2-3-4);
  • Always 1 compressor for all modules; 
  • Air flow regulation; 
  • Night mode; 
  • Low cost.
Sprouting lid "Wealth of Health"
Sprouting lid "Wealth of Health"
The sprouting lid (grid cover) "Wealth of Health" is a simple and affordable solution for comfortable germination with a standard glass jar:

  • Holes in the lid make it easy to rinse the contents of the jar and open the air access to the jar.
  • Inner grid does not allow even smallest seeds to leak into the sink while rinsing. 
  • Side ledge allows you to place the jar on a horizontal surface at an angle so that the air penetrating from below creates a greenhouse effect inside the jar.
Sprouter «My microgreens»
Sprouter «My microgreens»
With a new sprouter "My microgreens"  from "Wealth of Health" you can get quality food sprouts, grow microgreens and green sprouts of wheat for Weatgrass juice.

  • Stylish design;
  • Compact size;
  • Low cost;
  • Easy to use.