Phyto light Growing Light 9 W

Phyto light  Growing Light 9 W
Phyto light  Growing Light 9 W

It's no secret that every plant needs light. And as a rule, at home, there is light. That's why seedlings get  stretched in growth, and all house plants grow poorly and do not bloom ...!

Now there is a solution to this problem - Phyto light  Growing Light" series “Wealth of Health "!


What is a growing lamp? Watch the video:

Modern FITO-LEDs


  • The maximum of red and blue is the optimal spectrum for plants!
  • A powerful photon flux is effective for plants!
  • The full spectrum is a pleasant white-cream glow!
  • Low power consumption!
  • Optimal for plant illumination!

The lamp grows together with your plants


  • Express-height adjustment of the lamp (10-500mm)!
  • The ability to turn the lamp around its axis!
  • Easy assembly and usability!
  • Effectively from seedlings to fruiting! 

Quality and manufacturer's warranty!


  • Low cost!
  • Quality assurance!
  • 30,000 working hours!
  • High efficiency!

Growing Light is optimal for home use

The recommended lighting time is 8-14 hours for different cultures. Do not forget to leave the plants for 7-8 hours in the dark to ensure the dark phase of photosynthesis. There is a switch on the lamp housing.


More photos of the effective usage of GROWING LIGHT:

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