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Home hydroponics

Home hydroponics
Home hydroponics
You can grow plants at home using hydroponics (lettuce, dill, flowers, etc)


From now on you can use HOME AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ to grow a wide range of plants starting from juicy microherbs and finishing with bright and exotic flowers.

Growing plants with hydroponics is both an educational and useful hobby. You can have home-made fresh greens for you and your family 365 days a year!

‘Wealth of Health’ helps you to unlock the creative potential to grow plants at home; you can vary solutions and rooting mediums for different seeds.

The AeroGARDEN will not take too much space on your window sill. The gadget is discreet (200х200х200 mm) and suits any interior design.

The Russian patented invention is extremely energy-saving, it needs the minimum of power:

You will spend only 5 RUB a month with the device 24/7 functioning!



  • Home-grown plant will make your house cozy and warm.
  • ‘Wealth of Health’ is a creative and useful present for those who loves plants at home.
  • You can grow both decorative and useful plants.
  • ‘Wealth of Health’ is cheaper if compared with same devices.
  • No soil, no mud, no puddles and leaks on your window sill.