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Food sprouts

Food sprouts
Food sprouts
You can receive food sprouts of high quality (for your health and longevity)


Sprouted seeds are the unique source of vitamins, ferments, amino acids, minerals. But you can’t buy them in a common shop.  And it’s rather troublesome to germinate them yourself.

But you can easily get the seeds sprouted in almost no time spent with the help of ‘Wealth of Health’. You will receive quality seeds off the beaten track: no regular washing and sprouts humidity constant control are required.

You only need to bed the seeds into the sprouter, pour the water and in 8-12 hours healthy and useful food can be served to your table.

Also AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ is extremely convenient to raise useful and tasty microherbs in only 7-14 days with no fertilizers applied, as well as to raise green sprouts for Wheatgrass sap.

‘Wealth of Health’ is a high-yield set to provide an average family of 3-4 people with vital energy throughout the day!



  • A real catch for the healthy cooking lovers.
  • A high yield with a compact size.
  • A low price in comparison with other sprouters.
  • Easy to use.
  • ‘Wealth of Health’ is a source of vitamins throughout the year!