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Seed pretreatment

Seed pretreatment
Seed pretreatment
You can efficiently treat the seeds before their planting (harvesting is 30% more)

Seed pretreatment is a variety of techniques that improve sowing and physical features of seeds, hasten the young crops and increase plants fruitfulness.

Home AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ provides you with the following ways of efficient seed pretreatment: germination, aeration, soaking into biodyne and microelement solutions. You can also combine these technologies.

The main thing when a seed germinating is to provide it with warmth and humidity required level. AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ gives comfort and stable conditions to seeds germination. Due to solution aeration a special tissue for seed germination is constantly moistened, thus preventing seeds from drying. At the same time a transparent cover will give you an eye-control over seeds germination and will help to provide humidity at the required level.

Seed aeration is a way of seed pretreatment based on their cultivation in water enriched with oxygen or air. The patented AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ enriches the solution with the air volume of 60-80 litres per hour. Aeration encourages seeds complex nutritional support turn into more simple ones.

Seed’ soaking into microelement or biodyne solutions is used to stimulate their germination, to increase their growth and development. The necessity to soak a seed and such solutions composition depend on the plant needs.


  • HOME AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ is a real catch for gardeners and plantsmen.
  • Field germination rate increase.
  • Plants growth and development stimulation.
  • Seeds stronger ability to face difficult environment