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‘Wealth of Health’ AeroGARDEN for raising green grass to feed cats, birds and rodents.

Green grass for pets
Green grass for pets
You can grow an eco-friendly and pure grass for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs with no soil and fertilizers required!


Fresh green grass is a useful additive when feeding cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pygmy rabbits, rats and fancy mice. It contains fiber, proteins, essential vitamins, ferments, microelements. All these are required by our pets throughout the year, especially in autumn and winter.

Using a Home AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ you can raise green feeding stuff with no soil, fertilizers and regular watering needed.

Now you can have an eco-friendly grass without mud and daily routine. 

 It’s extremely easy to raise green grass for pets using AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’:

You simply need to bed the seeds, pour the water and turn the gadget on. And after 7-10 days only you will be able to treat your favorite with a useful delicacy.

Your pet can choose between having the grass freshly cut from its bowl and try it right from the AeroGARDEN.




  • The grass is eco-friendly.
  • The gadget is simple and clean to use.
  • The growth is efficient any time of the year.
  • The grass lasts juicy for long time.
  • The grass is available 24/7 for your pet.