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Microherbs (water cress, mustard, daikon radish, beetroot, etc) are fresh-grown plants with a couple of first two leaves which contain the maximum of useful stuff. Green sprouts are rich in vitamin C, mineral salts, antioxidants, ferments and other helpful things.

Fresh-grown grass provides your body with general strengthening, it improves digestion, sleep and well-being in general as well as it decreases arterial blood pressure.

Growing microherbs using HOME AeroGARDEN ‘Wealth of Health’ is not difficult at all. You only need to put evenly their seeds into a special container, pour some water into it and in 7-14 days your family and you can enjoy fresh and juicy micro potherbs.



   Microherb Mustard:

Mustard sprouts are enriched with excellent such antiscorbutic agents as vitamin C and P (rutin) that prevent blood vessel wall from ageing.

Newly-grown leaves can be eaten both fresh and boiled. Due to their spicy taste and delicate aroma meat and fish dishes, vegetable salads and appetizers will become slightly savoury. This flavor for your food stimulates appetite and blood flow. 


     Microherb Sweet basil:

Sweet basil sprouts have nice aroma and a bit spicy taste that perfectly match all vegetable, meat and fish dishes. They are also a good complement to soups, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs and especially to salads. They include sugars, carotene, vitamins C, B2, PP, volatile oils. They also boost metabolism.


     Microherb Broccoli:

Broccoli leaves are slightly spicy and contain vitamins and microelements, as well as carotene and vitamin C. Besides, they are a rich natural source of sulforaphane which is necessary to complete the most difficult stage of body deep purification. Broccoli sprouts are the excellent additive to your food which guarantees nice taste and maximum benefit for your health!


     Microherb Daikon radish:

Newly-grown daikon radish leaves are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, РР and minerals. Their using strengthens body protection and stimulates gastric juice appearance for metabolism improvement. You can add fresh daikon radish leaves to vegetable salads and meat dishes or boil it when cooking soups.


     Microherb Water cress:

Water cress is rich in vitamins of group B, vitamin C, carotene, rutin, microelements. It strengthens your body, improves digestion, sleep and well-being, and decreases arterial blood pressure. Its juicy grass with tender and spicy aroma is widely used in cooking as a complement to salads, soups and dressings, meat and fish dishes, side dishes and sandwiches.


     Microherb Radish:

Radish leaves are a nice and spicy addition to sandwiched, fresh vegetables salads and meat dishes. They contain vitamins, minerals, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and volatile oils. They improve metabolism and provide moderate choleretic and anti-edema influence.


     Microherb Rocket salad (rucola):

Rocket salad is worth for a unique mix of volatile oils, vitamins, carotene and minerals. Rucola sprouts are a natural source of iodine and vitamin C.

Their impact on body metabolism is quite intense; they assist in cholesterine excretion and blood pigment level increase. A slight taste of spicy nuts and its aroma make them widely used as a piquant side dish for meat and fish as well as additives to vegetable, fruit, cheese and seafood salads.


     Microherb Beetroot:

Beetroot sprouts are great to add to salads and second courses. They tone up your body due to microelements and vitamins high content. At the same time they strengthen your immunity and have a healthy impact on digestion.