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Sprouts are the natural green food as well as a tasty and useful additive to your ration any time of the year, especially in winter.

проращиватель Здоровья КЛАДWhen entering our body the sprouted seed becomes bioactive and gives the most valuable and helpful natural stuff. Adding sprouts to your daily diet shows wonderful results – it will help you to resist various disorders and live longer saving energy and forces.  Seed sprouts should be served to our tables on a daily basis because this food is one-of-a-kind – it’s enriched to its utmost with all necessary stuff thanks to nature forces and abilities.

Using the seed sprouts you’ll get everything you need for nutrition: active ferments of a plant, macro- and microelements, lots of vitamins and antioxidants. They all represent a mixture of effective substances organically built into the plant living tissue; a complex that is well balanced in quantity and ratio. Such rare proportion of the benefits received will let you always stay in shape and keep good mood. 

Adding sprouts to your daily diet boosts metabolism and immunity, regulate acid-base balance, compensate vitamins and minerals lack, as well as helps the body to get rid of wastes, stimulate digestion, increase potency, delays ageing.

You can sprout almost any kind of seeds present in your diet: wheat, barley, green buckwheat, rye, beans, lentil, sunflower, peanuts, linseeds, sesame, oats and many others.



Sprouts are the unique life-giving food for you and your family!



Wealth of Health WheatAmong all seeds sprouted wheat provides the most healthiness. It’s a universal kind of food and the most efficient medicine. Sprouted wheat has all necessary vitamins and microelements.

Wheat sprouts prevent from dental caries, cancer, tone up your body, ease the nerves and improve sleep.

Wheat seed sprouted is full of minerals: potassium, calcium, natrium, magnesium, phosphorus, ferrum, manganese, copper, selenium and zink. Eating sprouted wheat enriches your body with such important vitamins as those of group B, youth vitamins C and E, as well as with PP vitamin, Sprouted wheat doesn’t contain sugar, thus it’s extremely efficient for those suffering from diabetes mellitus.



Wealth of Health RyeRye seeds sprouted are the finest health-giving tool. They have almost same impact on human body as wheat sprouts, i.e. they boost the digestive tract, encourage body to clear the wastes and regulate intestine florula.

Rye sprouts are advised to treat chronic colitis, gastritis and gastroduodenitis, to assist in a combined treatment of passive gastroduodenal ulcer. They also provide healthy influence on nerves and blood-circulatory system, as well as regulate metabolism.

They are advised to treat diabetes mellitus and adiposity. At the same time they improve skin and hair.



Wealth of Health Chickpea Chickpea is the source of vegetable protein. Chickpea sprouts contain loads of fiber and vitamins including B2 also known as riboflavin which boosts all metabolic processes in our body to keep us young and beautiful. Chickpea regulates sugar level in blood as well as heart and digestion functions. It’s advised to eat in case of ferrum lack and poor blood.

Chickpea sprouts are considered to be the finest means preventing from flue and cold. They are also recommended for those with obesity because the seeds are low-calorie and they include complex starches which help to feel full for long time and do not result in blood sugar suddenly risen.



Kidney bean sprouts:

Kidney bean sprouted is enormously rich in ferrum, potassium, amino acids and vitamin C, so it’s often advised to be used as assistant to treat and prevent flue and cold.

Kidney bean sprouts are excellent to prevent diabetes and atherosclerosis. The sprouts will gain more taste if add them to salads or mix together with laminaria.

Kidney bean increases blood pigment level, so the body becomes physically vigorous, cells and organs start functioning more efficiently, metabolism normalizes.



 Wealth of Health LentilLentil includes lots of quality protein, calcium, ferrum, zink, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, vitamins F, E and those of group B. It also has more vitamin C than any other product due to its content shortly increases by 600 times while seeds sprouting.

Lentil sprouts are advised to be served into your diet in winter when epidemics and seasonal diseases approach due to namely these sprouts prevent you from illnesses and speed up the recovery.

Lentil is recommended to both adults and kids suffering from anaemia and those who are prone to frequent bleeding, colds, chest infections, sore throat and pneumonia.



Sesame sprouts:

The main thing that makes sesame sprouts different from other seeds is lots of calcium. Using sprouts as a means of transport calcium easily enters our body for digestion. You can use them to struggle against degenerative disk and joint diseases and other musculoskeletal system disorders. Sesame sprouts strengthen bones, teeth and nails.

Sesame seeds contain substances to regulate oxygen metabolism and enable cells to renewal. They also speed up your body recovery after exercise. They’re advised to people with high blood cholesterol.



Wealth of Health OatsOats sprouts make the human immunity stronger; stimulate blood regeneration and thyroid body functioning, body self-cleaning and self-recovery, blood clearance.

Eating oats makes general revitalizing effect on the overall human body and internals; vessel walls become better, potency is high. Naked oats sprouts improve hair, skin and nails.



Wealth of Health BuckwheatGreen buckwheat is a vital grain well-balanced in its content.

Green buckwheat sprouts are advised to people with diabetes mellitus, gastric ulcer, obesity, arthritis and others.

Green buckwheat includes cysteic acid that intensifies body clearance from wastes and radioactive materials. Histidine regulates kids’ growth. Green buckwheat contains more macro- and microelements than any other cereal. It has more calcium, potassium, ferrum and borium.


Wealth of Health Mung BeanMung bean sprouts provide our body with lots of energy. They also have anti-inflammatory and vulnerary powers.  

Mung bean sprouts are efficient if you catch a cold or suffer from stress.  They are also advised to people with obesity.