Sprouter for children "Cosmogrow"
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Sprouter for children "Cosmogrow"

Sprouter for children "Cosmogrow"
Sprouter for children "Cosmogrow"
Cosmogrow is an exciting play set that will not go unnoticed. The child will learn to grow microgreens on their own, to take care of plants, to perform space tasks and to get new knowledge. And parents can study together with the child each stage of plant growth, participate in onion races (track the growth of green onions), help to write the results in the "Logbook", and prepare together delicious and healthy dishes from space microgreens! 
Why will the child be delighted with Cosmogrow?⠀
  • noone had anything like this⠀
  • he will be interested in studing how it works⠀
  • he will be proud when he grows his first microgreens⠀

All you need is water, seeds, a little care and patience. And in a couple of days, the first shoots will appear.

Equipment set:

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Children are happy to learn about the world around them, learn to grow plants, take care of them, and all this is in a playful way!
Age category: from 5 to 12 years
Certificate of conformity TR CU 008/2011 «On safety of toys»

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