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For pets

Sprouter "Wealth of Health" (universal)
Sprouter "Wealth of Health" (universal)
Sprouter «Wealth of Health» (universal) is a general version in the household series «Wealth of Health».
The sprouters of this series do not require an electrical connection and are easy to use.

Suitable for everyone who prefers simple solutions and plans:

  • to grow microgreens; 
  • to get food sprouts of high quality at home; 
  • to grow green grass for your pets; 
  • to conduct pre-sowing seed preparation.
Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health»
Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health»

Automated sprouter (Aerogarden) «Wealth of Health» is a real find for lovers of gardening with a wide range of functions. Using it you can:

  • Grow green grass for your pets;
  • Grow microgreens without soil and fertilizers;
  • Carry out  effective pre-sowing preparation; 
  • Grow green onions directly to the table.


Сompany "Wealth of Health" offers a range of high-quality seeds of microgreens, baby leaves and salads, free from any impurities and providing fast uniform seedlings


Assortment of the most demanded seeds: more than 30 types of crops;

Indicators of high quality of the product (growth, purity, germination);

availability of certificates and test reports;

Phytosanitary certificates of the seeds shipped to the countries of the Customs Union and the EU;

production and in-house packing line


“Wealth of Health” offers:

favourable prices;

Opportunity to do business under customer’s trademark

Wholesale procurement terms

Order of seeds samples in 75 gr dispenser bottles

Any volume of procurement available


Seeds packed in 100 / 200 / 500 gr craft bags

Any volume of procurement available

Starting weight 1 kg

20 kg bags

Minimum order value - 5000 rub

The price list provides a discount system

100% order prepayment

Shipment of the order by customer’s preferable transport company at the expense of the customer or pick up from the warehouse of "Wealth of Health" in Perm, Russia within 1-2 days after the money transfer has been registered.

Delivery of the order to the transport company in Perm is provided by the seller.

Necessary documents and certificates of the product are available on request.

Documentations to the order.

Cash payment is possible.

Deliveries are made regularly and in due course by any transport company.