Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X1
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Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health» X1

Automated sprouter «Wealth of Health»  X1

Automated sprouter (Aerogarden) «Wealth of Health» is a real find for lovers of gardening  with a wide range of functions. 

Using it you can:

  • Grow microgreens without soil and fertilizers;
  • Carry out effective pre-sowing preparation;
  • Grow seedlings of high quality;
  • Grow green onions directly to the table.

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Equipment set:

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Photos of the sprouter «Wealth of Health» usage:

Microgreens (watercress, mustard, daikon, radish, beet, etc.) are young plants in the phase of the first two leaves, containing the maximum concentration of nutrients.


Growing microgreens with the sprouters automated "Wealth of Health" (X1, X2, X4) is very simple. 

Watch the video:

Microgreens are tasty and useful! Choose according to your taste:


Mustard sprouts are enriched with  such excellent antiscorbutic agents as vitamin C and P (rutin) that prevent blood vessel wall from ageing.

Newly-grown leaves can be eaten both fresh and boiled. Due to their spicy taste and delicate flavour they will add to meat and fish dishes, vegetable salads and appetizers  slight savoury. This specific, delicate additive to your food stimulates appetite and blood flow. 

Sweet basil:

Sweet basil sprouts have nice flavour  and a bit spicy taste that perfectly match all vegetable, meat and fish dishes. They are also a good additive  to soups, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs and especially to salads. They include sugars, carotene, vitamins C, B2, PP, volatile oils. They also boost metabolism.


Broccoli leaves are slightly spicy and contain vitamins and microelements, as well as carotene and vitamin C. Besides, they are a rich natural source of sulforaphane which is necessary to complete the most difficult stage of body deep purification. Broccoli sprouts are the excellent additive to your food which guarantees nice taste and maximum benefit for your health!

Daikon radish:

Newly-grown daikon radish leaves are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, РР and minerals. Their usage strengthens body defence system and stimulates gastric juice appearance for metabolism improvement. You can add fresh daikon radish leaves to vegetable salads and meat dishes or boil them when cooking soups.


Watercress is rich in vitamins of group B, vitamin C, carotene, rutin, microelements. It generally strengthens your body, improves digestion, sleep and well-being, and decreases arterial blood pressure. Its juicy grass with delicate  and spicy flavour  is widely used in cooking as an additive  to salads, soups and dressings, meat and fish dishes, side dishes and sandwiches.


Radish leaves are a nice and spicy additive to sandwiches, fresh vegetable salads and meat dishes. They contain vitamins, minerals, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and volatile oils. They improve metabolism and provide moderate choleretic and anti-edema influence.

Rocket salad (rucola):

Rocket salad is worth for a unique mix of volatile oils, vitamins, carotene and minerals. Rucola sprouts are a natural source of iodine and vitamin C.

Their contribution into  body metabolism is quite intense; they assist in cholesterine excretion and blood pigment level increase. A slight taste of spicy nuts and its flavour  make them widely used as a savoury  side dish for meat and fish as well as additives to vegetable, fruit, cheese and seafood salads.


Beet sprouts are great to add to salads and second courses. They tone up your body due to microelements and vitamins high content. At the same time they strengthen your immunity and have a healthy impact on digestion.


Preseeding preparation is a complex of methods that improve the seeding and physical qualities of seeds, accelerate the  seedlings appearing, increase the productivity of plants.

The following methods of effective preseeding preparation are used In automated sprouters "Wealth of Health" (X1, X2, X4):

   - germination;

    - bubbling;

    - soaking in solutions of biostimulants and microelements.

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The main thing while conducting seeds germinating is to provide it with warmth and humidity required level. Sprouter automated ‘Wealth of Health’ gives comfortable and stable conditions to seeds germination. Due to solution aeration a special tissue for seed germination is constantly moistened, thus preventing seeds from drying. At the same time a transparent cover will give you an eye-control over seeds germination and will help to provide humidity at the required level.

Seeds bubbling is a way of seed pretreatment based on their cultivation in water enriched with oxygen or air. The patented sprouter automated ‘Wealth of Health’ enriches the solution with the air volume of 60-80 litres per hour. Aeration encourages seeds complex spare nutritional turning  into more simple ones.

Seeds soaking into microelement or biodyne solutions is used to stimulate their germination, to increase their growth and development. The necessity to soak  seeds and such solutions content depends on the plant needs.

Green onions are one of the most common green cultures. It is a source of vitamins, important mineral salts and phytoncides, which cure the human body.  

Now you have a wonderful opportunity to grow this product all year round on the windowsill, without putting any significant effort!

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  • Onions grow on pure water without fertilizers. You get an environmentally friendly product.
  • There is no soil - no need to water, no dirt and flies. 
  • Stylish ergonomic design - the set  is aesthetically pleasing and takes little space.
  • High efficiency - 2 crops a month, vitamins all year round.
  • Up to 30-40 cm of green leaves in 15 days.

Food sprouts are a unique source of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals. But you cannot buy them in an ordinary shop.  And to germinate them on one’s own is very troublesome.  


But with the help of the sprouters  "Wealth of Health" (X1, X2, X4) you can easily get germinated seeds in just a few hours! 

See the video instruction:

Now there are sprouts of high quality without the necessary routine for this: regular  washing and constant monitoring of the moisture level of the seedlings. You just need to put seeds into the sprouter, pour water and after 8-12 hours healthy and useful food is on your table. 

Choose for your taste and benefit:

Wheat sprouts

Among all seeds sprouted wheat provides the most healthiness and the most evident curing characteristics It’s a universal kind of food and the most effective medicine. Sprouted wheat has all necessary vitamins and microelements.

Wheat sprouts prevent from dental caries, cancer, tone up your body, ease the nerves and improve the sleep.

Wheat seed sprouted is full of minerals: potassium, calcium, natrium, magnesium, phosphorus, ferrum, manganese, copper, selenium and zink. Eating sprouted wheat enriches your body with such important vitamins as those of group B, youth vitamins C and E, as well as with PP vitamin, Sprouted wheat doesn’t contain sugar, thus it’s highly useful for those suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Rye sprouts

Sprouted Rye seeds  are the finest health-giving tool. They have almost the same impact on the human body as wheat sprouts, i.e. they have the promoting effect on the digestive tract, encourage body purification  and regulate bowel florula.

Rye sprouts are advised to treat chronic colitis, gastritis and gastroduodenitis, to assist in a combined treatment of passive gastroduodenal ulcer. They also provide healthy influence on nerves and blood-circulatory system, as well as regulate metabolism.

They are advised to treat diabetes mellitus and obesity. At the same time they improve skin and hair.

Chickpea sprouts

Chickpea is the source of vegetable protein. Chickpea sprouts contain much fiber and vitamins including B2 also known as riboflavin which boosts all metabolic processes in our body to keep us young and beautiful. Chickpea regulates sugar level in blood as well as heart and digestion functions. It’s advised to eat in case of ferrum lack and poor blood.

Chickpea sprouts are considered to be the finest means preventing from flue and cold. They are also recommended for those with obesity because the seeds are low-caloric and they include complex carbohydrates which help to feel full for a long time and do not cause sudden sugar level rise in blood. 

Kidney bean sprouts

Sprouted kidney bean is enormously rich in ferrum, potassium, amino acids and vitamin C, so it’s often advised to be used as an additive  to cure  and prevent flue and cold.

Kidney bean sprouts are excellent to prevent diabetes and atherosclerosis. The sprouts will gain more taste if added  to salads or mix together with laminaria.

Kidney bean increases blood pigment level, so the body becomes physically vigorous, cells and organs start functioning more effectively, metabolism normalizes.

Lentil sprouts

Lentil contains much  protein of high quality, calcium, ferrum, zink, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, vitamins F, E and those of group B. It also has more vitamin C than any other product due to its content significantly  increases by 600 times while seeds sprouting.

Lentil sprouts are advised to be served into your diet in winter at  epidemics and seasonal diseases time as  namely these sprouts prevent you from illnesses and speed up the recovery.

Lentil is recommended to both adults and kids suffering from anaemia and those who are susceptible  to frequent bleeding, colds, chest infections, sore throat and pneumonia.

Sesame seeds

The main thing that makes sesame sprouts different from other seeds is lots of calcium. Sprouts transport calcium directly into  our body and it is easily digested by it. You can use them to struggle against degenerative disk and joint diseases and other musculoskeletal system disorders. Sesame sprouts strengthen bones, teeth and nails.

Sesame seeds contain substances to regulate oxygen metabolism and to enable cells to renewal. They also speed up your body recovery after physical exercise. They’re advised to people with high blood cholesterol.

Oats sprouts

Oats sprouts make the human immunity stronger; stimulate blood regeneration and thyroid body functioning, body self-purification and self-recovery, blood clearance.

Eating oats makes general revitalizing effect on the overall human body and internals; vessel walls become better, sexual vigour is high. Bare-grained oat sprouts improve hair, skin and nails.

Green buckwheat sprouts

Green buckwheat is a vital grain well-balanced in its content.

Green buckwheat sprouts are advised to people with diabetes mellitus, gastric ulcer, obesity, arthritis, etc.

Green buckwheat includes cysteic acid that intensifies body purification from toxins  and radioactive materials. Histidine regulates kids’ growth. Green buckwheat contains more macro- and microelements than any other cereal. It has more calcium, potassium, ferrum and borium.

Mung bean sprouts 

Mung bean sprouts provide our body with lots of energy. They also have anti-inflammatory and vulnerary powers.  

Mung bean sprouts are effective if you catch a cold or suffer from stress.  They are also advised to people with obesity. 


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