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Sprouting lid "Wealth of Health"
Sprouting lid "Wealth of Health"
The sprouting lid (grid cover) "Wealth of Health" is a simple and affordable solution for comfortable germination with a standard glass jar:

  • Holes in the lid make it easy to rinse the contents of the jar and open the air access to the jar.
  • Inner grid does not allow even smallest seeds to leak into the sink while rinsing. 
  • Side ledge allows you to place the jar on a horizontal surface at an angle so that the air penetrating from below creates a greenhouse effect inside the jar.
Sprouter «My microgreens»
Sprouter «My microgreens»
With a new sprouter "My microgreens"  from "Wealth of Health" you can get quality food sprouts, grow microgreens and green sprouts of wheat for Weatgrass juice.

  • Stylish design;
  • Compact size;
  • Low cost;
  • Easy to use.
Sprouter «Wealth of Health» (universal)
Sprouter «Wealth of Health» (universal)
Sprouter «Wealth of Health» (universal) is a general version in the household series «Wealth of Health».
The sprouters of this series do not require an electrical connection and are easy to use.

Suitable for everyone who prefers simple solutions and plans:

  • to grow microgreens; 
  • to get food sprouts of high quality at home; 
  • to grow green grass for your pets; 
  • to conduct pre-sowing seed preparation.