The Propagator «Wealth of Health»

The Propagator «Wealth of Health»

The Propagator "Wealth of Health" has been launched in the series release since 2017. It has a large functionality, it is convenient to use. It is designed for every amateur gardener:
  • Green onions;
  • Growing seedlings;
  • Greenery on the windowsill all year round;
  • Cuttings (roses, etc.)
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The Propagator "Wealth of Health" is effective and looks great in any interior!!


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See real photos of the Propagator:

Green onions are one of the most common green cultures. It is a source of vitamins, important mineral salts and phytoncides, which cures  the human body.

Now you have a wonderful opportunity to grow this product all year round on the windowsill, without making  any significant effort!

       Watch the video how easily it is to grow  green onions on AeroGarden “Wealth of Health”:



The AeroGarden “Wealth of Health” set  includes a module for forcing green onions out of bulb-onion. It is designed for 9  bulbs of medium size.

  • Onions grow on pure water without fertilizers. You get an environmentally friendly product.
  • There is no soil - no need to water, no dirt and fles. 
  • Has high efficiency - 2 crops a month, vitamins all year round.
  • Up to 30-40 cm of green leaves in 15 days!

One more photo of the application of AeroGarden “Wealth of Health:

Growing seedlings in the Propagator "Wealth of Health"  is easy and convenient. Using special corks  for seedlings, a transparent cover for the microclimate and active aeration of the solution provide good conditions for obtaining high-quality seedlings.

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To reduce plant stress during further transplantation, we recommend using mineral cotton corks. 

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More photos of the application of the Propagator "Wealth of Health":

The Propagator "Wealth of Health"  provides you with  tasty and fresh greens directly to the table!


Basil, arugula, various salads, dill, parsley and many other kinds of spicy, green lettuce grow on the windowsill and eat for health!


And this is done simply - the seeds are placed in special corks  from the set according to the instruction and after a while you will  have a big, rich  bouquet of fresh greens. With the correct cut, you can receive up to several crops from one planting!

Arugula and salad:

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Parsley and basil:

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More photos with the Propagator "Wealth of Health":

As you know, there are cultures that can be propagated effectively   by cuttings - roses, etc. It is convenient to do this in the Propagator "Wealth of Health"! The prepared stem is placed and fixed in the cork from the set. Its lower part is in the water, not touching the bottom.  

Due to an external electric compressor, active aeration of the water medium is provided, so there is no need to change the water every day.

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To effectively form a root system in water, various root stimulants can be added according to the attached instruction. At the appearance of these roots it is time to transplant the plants into the ground.

More photos with the propagator "Wealth of Health":

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